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Locally, Boone Creek Outdoors is a model for ecotourism driven sustainable preservation. Located on a former commercial site that served host to many highway related businesses such as restaurants, gas stations and even a cathouse! BCO is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Boone Creek gorge and the spring fed creek that formed it. BCO is committed to providing wider minimally invasive access to our unique unspoiled Bluegrass landscape. Our tours allow for instructional and educational programing and the maintenance care for our trees and landscape.

Abundant wildlife such as deer, bobcat, turkey, otter, mink, fox, beaver, wood duck, grouse, flying squirrels, pileated woodpeckers, and most birds of prey are routinely spotted here. The wildflowers, geology, and significant cultural history offer opportunity to spread awareness and interest in preserving our rich ecosystem at Boone Creek!


We’ve been enjoying the scenery at BCO these past weeks. The icicles have amazed along with the fresh snow fallen creek banks. Although this is a time of hibernation for some favored forest critters, the Boone Creek staff have been cooking up some new activities for this upcoming Spring! We will have our grand opening this […]

Meet Elsie, our first physically disabled rider. Our guides had the pleasure of taking her out this past week and had a BLAST! Elsie has had MS for 29 years and what’s called “drop foot” – her entire left leg does not pick-up so she must use arm crutches to walk. Our guides took Elsie on our introductory […]

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