Hours based on reservations

Participation Requirements

All Participants Must:

  • Sign the Participant Agreement (waiver) prior to activity
  • Be at least 4 feet tall
  • Weigh between 70 and 270 pounds
  • Have your parent or legal guardian sign the waiver if under 18 years of age
  • Be prepared and able to actively participate and follow guide's instructions
  • Be able to comfortably hold both hands overhead with upper body strength
  • Wear closed toed shoes
  • Wear long hair tied back

You Can Not Participate if You:

  • Are pregnant
  • Have recent, reoccurring or existing injuries
  • Have a known health condition that requires constant medical attention
  • Have physical or mental limitations that will prohibit you to actively participate
  • Under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription medications that might impair your abilities


What is a canopy tour and how is it different from a zip line tour?

A Zip Line Tour uses poles and towers to connect steel cables (zip lines) and can be built almost anywhere. Most often, a zip line tour will require some hiking and climbing of towers. Usually more of a thrill ride than a tour. A Canopy Tour is a "living tour" built in the trees of a forest. On a Canopy Tour, riders traverse steel cables (zip lines) connecting a series of platforms built in the trees, walk wire rope sky bridges, climb tree-based staircases and may even rappel back to earth. A Canopy Tour course is an ecologically-oriented sightseeing adventure with a bird’s eye view of the canopy of the forest. This type of tour usually includes information about the ecology, geology, biology and history of the area in addition to the thrill of zip lining.

Are reservations required?

Reservations are not required but they are strongly recommended to insure we have guides available to serve you. Without a reservation tour availability is not guaranteed. Each tour is limited to 8 participants and tours fill-up fast. Solo participants must call to book their tour, as we must have at least 3 people scheduled in order to facilitate a tour. For the best zip line experience, we strongly recommend you make your reservations early. We promise to do our best to accommodate walk-ins on a space available basis.

How long does it take to complete the tour?

Our tour is approximately 2 to 2½ hours long for a full tour of 8, including gear-up, ground school, flight school, the canopy tour and gear-down. The length of the canopy tour is relative to the number of people on the tour and the time of the year. A tour for 2 people in the off-season may take as little as 1-1/4 hours, while a tour for 8 people during peak season may take over 3 hours. Why? The more people on a tour, the more opportunity for Q & A, conversation, story telling and laughs. This time does not include showing up 30 minutes prior to the tour in order to check in.

What if I am afraid of heights?

We welcome the fearful and bring out the fearless in you. Our well trained guides will be with you every step of the way. Your safety and enjoyment are our highest priorities. Your adventure begins with a relaxed orientation where you will meet your guides. Next is gear-up, then it’s on to ground school to learn zip line basics, test your new skills on our practice zip line and have a chance to ask questions. During your tour you’ll be secured to a safety cable at all times. Your guides will handle all of the transfers for you. All you have to do is relax, take in the tree-mendous views and enjoy the ride. Once you step off that first platform we think you’ll be hooked and want to return to zip again and again.

How high will I be off the ground?

Once you leave the ground you will be anywhere from 10 feet to 200 feet above the ground.

What should I wear?

First of all, dress for the weather. We operate year-round in the rain, snow, heat and cold. Wear comfortable clothing, not too loose, not too tight. Remember, you’ll be up above the ground, no skirts. Closed toe and heel shoes (think hiking or tennis shoes) are required. Long hair must be tied back for safety. Short shorts are permitted but they aren’t so comfortable when you’re wearing a climbing harness. Please do not wear anything you do not want to lose, such as jewelry. You will be asked to remove everything from your pockets. Leave your cell phones, money clips and wallets in your car. We don’t want them falling out during the tour and injuring our wildlife. We do have assigned containers for each tour to hold your car keys at the gear area. Please leave your valuables at home or locked in your car. Boone Creek Outdoors is not responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced personal property.

Can I bring a still or video camera?

Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed on the canopy course.

Do you operate in the rain?

Yes, we do. Be advised, the canopy tour will be closed if the conditions for lightning are present and will not reopen until we receive the all clear. We generally will delay the start of scheduled tours to permit lightning storms to pass rather than cancel tours, whenever possible. We also close in the event of high winds (sustained winds over 30 mph). If we know we will be closed, we will try to contact you at the number and/or email you provided when you booked your tour. You may rebook for another day or time or you may request a full refund if your tour is canceled due to weather or other unforeseeable conditions.

What if it is too cold outside?

We operate year-round in the rain, snow, heat and cold. Dress for the weather and layer your clothing. Also, keep in mind this is a natural environment, trails do get muddy during rainy weather so water proof/resistant boots help to keep your feet dry.

How safe is it?

While any adventure activity carries a certain amount of risk, we work very hard to manage that risk. Your safety is our #1 concern. Managing risk starts with the best trained guides in the business. Before leading a tour group all of our guides undergo extensive training and testing which embrace quite a range of subjects, including course hardware and safety systems, inspection and routine maintenance, safety equipment fitting and supervision, high-angle rescue and course evacuation as well as basic “feel good” First Aid. Every guide is required to complete continuing education and periodic re-certification. Our course was built to meet or exceed ACCT professional building standards and is inspected daily.

What if I have never zipped before?

Most of our participants have never zipped before. Not to worry, our Ground School will give you a basic understanding of our procedures and your guides will lead you through Ground School before we take you on the course. Ground School gives you a chance to test your new skills just a few feet off the ground, so you get the feeling of what zipping is all about before you go out onto the course.

Do you have group rates?

Most definitely! We offer special pricing for groups, so call your friends and family to join you in your adventure. For group reservations contact us. What if I have to cancel? Please see our Cancellation Policy. But we really hope you can make it.

Will I be in a group with my friends/family?

Each tour can accommodate up to 8 people, not counting your two guides. If you’ve made your own reservations for 8 or less people at the same date and time, you will all zip together. If you’re part of a group reservation for a larger group, please contact your group organizer.

Who can zip?

Our canopy tour is designed for use by people who are in reasonably good health weighing between 70 and 250 pounds with average mobility and strength. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied through the course by at least one participating adult and must be able to participate independently of the adult. Participants under the age of 18 must sign a Minor Waiver and Release Form which must also be signed by a parent or legal guardian. If you have a medical condition of any kind which limits your physical activity you must notify us prior to the tour. If you are pregnant, have heart, leg, arm or back problems, or any other serious illnesses, you will not be allowed to participate in the tour. You will not be permitted to participate in the tour if you are under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or impairing legal drugs. Boone Creek Outdoors reserves the right to exclude anyone from participating in any and all activities for any reason which might compromise the health and safety of you, our clients, and our staff. Exceptions to any requirements are at the discretion of the management.

What equipment will I wear on the course?

You will be fitted with a waist and chest harness, a trolley, 2 lanyards with carabiners, leather gloves, and a Petzl helmet. Our safety equipment is similar to rock climbing equipment, but specially designed for a zip line course.

How can I pay? What if I don't have a credit card?

You can pay for your on-line reservations through our secure site, with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover.You may also stop by our Boone Creek Outdoors office and pay for your reservations in cash.

May I celebrate a special occasion at Boone Creek Outdoors?

Absolutely! We would love to be part of your celebration. There is no better way to enjoy our Eco-Adventure than with a group of friends, family, colleagues or co-workers! Bringing a group to Boone Creek Zipline Canopy Tour to celebrate your special event is easy, affordable and fun!Contact Us to plan the details and arrange reservations for your special event.

When do I need to arrive for my tour?

In order to give our staff adequate time for check-in and for you to prepare for your tour we require you to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled tour time.

What if I'm late?

In order to best serve our customers, we must enforce departure times for all tours no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled tour time. If your tour leaves without you, you may reschedule your tour date and/or time with applicable changes in rate, but there will be no refunds offered.

May I tip my guides? What's normal?

Yes, our professionally trained guides work hard to ensure that you have an educational, enjoyable, and thoroughly memorable experience. The tipping guideline is the service industry standard of 12-17% per person for good service. Feel free to tip more for great service.

Can I zip if I'm pregnant?

No. You may not zip if you are pregnant.

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