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Soar Through the Canopy of Boone Creek Gorge on a Private Adventure!

Embark on a truly exclusive adventure in the privately owned Boone Creek gorge. Previously inaccessible to the public, this natural wonder now opens its gates solely for an intimate experience — the Boone Creek Outdoors Private Zip Line Canopy Tour.

Indulge in the breathtaking beauty of this secluded area through a thrilling, minimally invasive journey. Delight in the exclusivity of six zip lines, including the nearly 1,400-foot longest stretch, three sky bridges, a rappel, a spiral, and a floating staircase — all elegantly suspended from magnificent hardwoods. Traverse the gorge and Boone Creek itself, gaining perspectives that have been kept secret until now.

Soar up to 200 feet in the air during this private tour, immersing yourself in the native hardwood canopy to access unparalleled, awe-inspiring views. Our knowledgeable guides, exclusively at your service, share local history and insights into the unique ecosystem of Boone Creek and the Kentucky Palisades region.

The Boone Creek Private Zip Line Canopy Tour offers a thrilling, multidimensional experience crafted exclusively for you and your family. Immerse yourselves in the beauty of nature, history, and adventure in a setting reserved solely for your private exploration.

Then check out the Daniel Boone’s Challenge course! This course features 16 different obstacles, including Kentucky swinging barrels, the pioneer log swinging bridge, and the Timber Bluegrass Forrest. There is an option in the middle of the course to climb higher for the trailblazers. This is a self-guided experience, after about a 20-minute intro with our trained guides.

Private Tours Offered by Reservation When Park is Closed to GA

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