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Lexington’s world class Zip Line Canopy Tour showcasing the spectacular Boone Creek limestone gorge. As a participant you will soar from one platform to the next viewing old growth hardwoods, rare palisades, wildlife, and historic ruins. Our guides take you through the tree tops sharing knowledge of our local history and the ecosystem unique to Boone Creek.


Meet Elsie, our first physically disabled rider. Our guides had the pleasure of taking her out this past week and had a BLAST! Elsie has had MS for 29 years and what’s called “drop foot” – her entire left leg does not pick-up so she must use arm crutches to walk. Our guides took Elsie on our introductory […]

The Creek Fights Back! Over the years BCO property has been many commercial ventures – including a gas station, the Clay’s Ferry Exxon. In 1978 approximately 6,000 gallons of gasoline leaked into Boone Creek when a truck cracked a tank during service. Almost 40 years later water quality has never been better, we are discovering […]

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