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Lexington’s first and only Canopy Zip Line Adventure!

The wait is finally over! Boone Creek Outdoors is open for business. Everyone at BCO is bursting with excitement to share this one of a kind experience. Our guides will take you on a journey from the primary forests regrown after agricultural impact to the old growth forest with trees over 350 years old! Soar over Boone Creek Gorge and witness the breathtaking limestone palisades. You cannot reach these heights anywhere else in Fayette Co. We are accepting reservations online and by phone – walk-ins welcome for tours that aren’t full!



“Harrison tell us a little about yourself…”

“I am 14 years old. I love the outdoors and I like to go camping whenever I can. In my free time I like to play board games, read, and play video games.”

“You are always off adventuring – what are some of your favorite experiences?”

“I have been to the Red River Gorge on multiple occasions to camp, hike, and rock climb. I have been to Outward Bound three years in a row and have had a lot of fun. My first year I went on a ten day course in Utah white water rafting. On my second course I went canoeing in Washington state near Seattle. This summer I went backpacking and whitewater canoeing in North Carolina.”

“Wow! I’m jealous. So what brought you to Boone Creek Outdoors?”

“I started working for Mr. Carey for multiple reasons. He has been a close friend of my father’s for many years and has always been very nice to me. When I was a little kid my dad and I would come to the Anglers Club, fish, stay at the cabin, and hike to the waterfall. I felt familiar with the area. I also love zip-lining and enjoy being up in the air!”



Kill the creeper!
First volunteer day was a blast. Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers last Sunday. Your experience and advice made all the difference! Making big progress on this property. We will continue our volunteer program through out the year. Remember, eight hours of service earns you a FREE zip AND guided hike on the property!
Our next volunteer opportunity is Sunday the 6th, 10am – 2pm.
Spots still available.



What is a no-dig garden?

Last month the BCO crew started a “no-dig garden”. Why no-dig? First, soil is a very complex ecosystem, a tiny universe, with 50 billion microbes in just 1 tbsp! These critters carry out important functions of nutrient cycling, improve soil structure, aid water and air movement, and control diseases and enhancement of plant growth. Digging and turning over the soil exposes this delicate ecosystem to the air and ultraviolet rays of the sun which dries and sterilizes the soil. Second, less work! The soil on our land has a large percentage of clay – not the best for plant growth! Rather than tilling, we created our own topsoil by layering materials such as compost, leaves, straw, and mulch.
What’s growing? Tomatoes, eggplant, jalapeno peppers, swiss chard, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, basil, mint, lavender, sage, oregano, and marigolds for pest control!



Aug 6th – Volunteer Day – 10am – 2pm
Aug 20th – Volunteer Day – 10am – 2pm
Sept 16th – SUP Zip & Sip – 930am – 7pm
Sept 17th – SUP Zip & Sip – 930am – 7pm

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